Yuki Sekiguchi

Since I moved to San Francisco in 2004, I’ve fallen in love with the world of startups.

I have been assisting entrepreneurs and startups with their execution challenges ever since, from different angles.

Now: I provide hands-on business consulting and contracting services to help startups move smarter and faster towards success. See Startup Navigators for more details.

Before: I had established and run the US entity of a vc-backed Japanese software startup as COO, being responsible for international product/market outside of Japan, primarily in the US and Europe. It was a fun and rough ride wearing all kinds of hats – corp dev, biz dev, user dev, product dev, marketing, user support, operation – pretty much anything other than engineering. Later I even assumed responsibility for marketing in Japan as well.

Even before: I was an M&A advisory for tech startups. What that means is that I helped small startups with strong underlying technology to get acquired by bigger companies as means for further growth. That surely helped founders and VCs financially as well.

Past life: I was as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies 😉

I started blogging in 2006 with a purpose of helping entrepreneurs and startups in my home country Japan. The original ‘tech venture business‘ fortunately gained quite a readership despite a long break during my startup operation days. I have always wanted to bring useful startup information to much wider audience in English, and decided that it’s about time. Hope you enjoy.



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